Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Who Are These Uppah Dudes???

I was browsing thru and came across a video clip of some Uppah dudes who can really move. 5 seconds into the clip and I knew these cats had mad skillz, check out the dude in the white addidas kicks, meeeeeeen that boy can move. Dance-O-Mania, eat your heart out! What were you doing, couldn't you guyz spot the real talent, or should The Insyder do all the work for you corporate cats who have noe idea where the real teens be at?
Can anyone tell this blog who these cats are and ask them if they are down with performing at the CHAT Awards this April. To check out the clip of these Upparians, CLICK HERE...

Or btter still, watch this video peeps by clicking below.........


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Anonymous said...

daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, those cats can move! who they be? i have never seen them at any funkie, ama ni vile ma boyz wa uppah siku hizi wamefungiwa juu ya ile story yao? but still ,the dudes can move. someone give 'em a holla and tell them to come to our chuo, Statoe on March 16th we'll be having a major funkie

Anonymous said...

I know those dudes, they are all in Uppah. They belong to a dance group called "Soul Harvesters." The dude in the white Adidas kicks is called Cliff and he's in 304. He's like one of the hottest dancers in the high skool scene today. Bow down to a skool that's greater than you!! Uppah baby!

soul harvesterz said...

hi guyz, we r tha soul harvesterz.we got ur mail and we are down with performing at the chat awards.just holla at us anytime via our school n we promise we wont let u down.Hey, how about you guyz havin an interview wid us?come and check out our latest moves aaaaait!

Anonymous said...

hey y'all.
bwoy.. them cats iz way bangin; u dig! brothas got mad talent rite there.
lakini can anyone tell me what the name of that ngoma iz? coz i need to cop that tune asap.
email me the name of the track [or the track its self 'if you happen 2 be that generous'] on []