Friday, July 03, 2009

How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Swine (H1N1) Flu

Swine flu has been on everyone's mind for the past couple of days now. It is important that you, your friends, family and loved ones stay informed and up to date on the current situation affecting our global health.

The Swine flu virus H1N1 is a serious condition that is contracted from other people through touching and coming in contact with someone who is already infected. The symptoms are similar to the regular flue but could be deadly. This guide will provide you with information on how to protect you and your family from catching the virus.


First of all, it is important to know that you'll need to keep updating yourself with the latest information about Swine Flu. Keep reading lots of material from newspapers and the internet. You'll also need plenty of soap and tissue.


Wash Hands Frequently – Washing your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers is encourage to prevent getting the Swine flu. Carrying extra sanitizer in a pocket, purse, or in the car will allow for you to clean your hands and children’s hands after getting in the car.


Be Alert – If you notice you might have some symptoms of Swine flu such as coughing, pains in your body, sore throat, or a sick feeling. Visit the doctor immediately. The Swine flu cases are still being reported so there it is unknown how many people are infected. Also avoid coming in contact with someone whom is sick. Encourage others to cover their mouth if they are coughing and leave the area.


Stay near Home – Going to eat at fast food restaurants and other eating establishments are not a guarantee that the employees are washing their hands. Until more cases of Swine flu are reported it is best to stay near your house more. Public transport vehicles e.g. matatu's, buses, etc. are also a high breeding ground for germs. Use tissue or gloves before holding the handles on the buses.


Use Seat Covers – If you must use a public toilet use seat covers or toilet paper to line the seats. Flush the handle with toilet paper rather than using your bare hands exposing you to the Swine flu virus. Always wash your hands after using the toilet. When exiting. Use a paper towel to open the door and immediately throw it away.

TIP: Cleanliness is going to be your new motto until this whole mess passes by. Washing your hands in hot water for more then 30 seconds will kill some of the germs that could potentially be passed from person to person. Another method of washing your hands with alcohol based sanitizer is known to kill a high percentage of germs that we carry as well. It is important that we all do our best to cover the basics during this time.

TIP: Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose, or any open wounds. This will only heighten your chances of the flu entering your body. If you do HAVE to remove something from your eye or get that disgusting white sticky stuff that appears on the corner of your eye, make sure to wash your hands immediately!

Additional Tips

  • As of right now there are no known vaccines to treat swine flu
  • Swine flu can be fatal
  • This is now classified as a global pandemic
  • This strand of flu has already claimed lives around the world and will continue to take its toll on our friends and families. Please do your part to help prevent the spreading of this deadly flu and make sure to keep your family informed on how to recognize the symptoms.

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