Monday, January 26, 2009

OJ & Omosh Valentine's Double Date!

Valentine’s On The Wacky Side!
Outrageous award-winning duo Omosh (Joseph Kinuthia Kamau) and OJ (Dennis Mugo) can rightfully claim to be the funniest duo on television today. Every Tuesday evening, their antics on Tahidi High leave us cracked up and begging for more. This February, experience another side of OJ and Omosh that you never know existed…take a walk on their Valentine’s wild side!
Gracing the cover of the coolest magazine on the planet – The Insyder, Omosh and OJ talk about their past Valentine’s experiences and their ultimate Valentine’s date. The February cover story is as outrageous as Tahidi High.

Teeniez Open Their Hearts On Valentine’s

The Insyder hit the skool halls and spoke to some of the most celebrated teeniez in high school today. We asked them their thoughts on Valentine’s and whether this day is overrated…you’ll be surprised at what most had to say. Cop the February issue of your favourite magazine and find out what super hunk/swimmer Ian Wafula (Bush B), Miss M’soh (Cynthia Soi) and many more had to say about this day...
Is This The New G Thang?
You’ve probably all heard of G Pange by now, if you haven’t; welcome to Earth Martian. Anywayz, what’s G Pange all about peeps? Find out about the 5 lifestyle pillars of G Pange
1. G-fahamishe
2. G-amini
3. G-iinue
4. G-jue hali yako
5. G-tafutie skills

Funkie Vybe Show
This February we get down with some of the hottest artists in the music industry today, at one of the hottest funkiez of the year – The Kenya Music Week. Check out what A-Star, Juliani, Kanji, Michelle and the entire Hip Hope Family had to say about Kenyan music

Sniping Strath
Strath may be located in the plush sides of Nairobi, and the dudes may be considered to have elephants in their wallets – but not so for some three dudes who were busted by Tha Sniper at the Prestige Plaza recently. Let’s just say the dudes made Strath look cheaper than Ukwala on a 50% off clearance day!

How Do You Get A Boy To Notice You Without Scaring Him Off?
There are some really desperate chiquittaz out there. Check out the question posted to our resident Chic Advice Guy, Ed, by a rather confused gal…

Hi Ed,
I’m a bit concerned about my love life, especially since I’m ingiaing 3rd form and I don’t have a boyfie. Now, you know 1st Term is the time to hook up and there’s this really hot looking dude who I have a crush on. Don’t get me wrong, am a fly mamasita (don’t take my word for it though, I will have you know that I was 2nd Runners Up at our school beauty pageant last year. I will probably win it this year since the 404’s are long gone…). My problem is; this jamaa is in high demand! The chase is on to get him and I want to be ahead of the competition. Problem is; how do I get him to notice me without freaking him out? Please help!
Totally Freaked Out Chiquitta

Right, hold on there; don't show him your cleavage just yet. There may be a better way.
Dudes don't get freaked out or scared off that easily. Not unless you're mental, obsessive or really hairy like a monkey residing in Changez (yes, I said it! So what? I was in Patch!) ... to read the entire response, you'll simply have to buy a copy of your favourite addiction, The Insyder.
For more information on the February copy log on to

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