Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hottest High School Celebs

It's finally here people! The official "Who's Who" in the high school celeb scene. What am I going on all about? The latest issue of The Insyder mag baby. On the cover of the September '08 issue of your favourite addiction are Ian Wafula, 404, (Bush) and Diana Kinyua, 404, (Kahuhia Gee), two celebs who made the cut. Find out which teeniez are rocking the world be it in sports, dance, academics, name it!
In other September issue news; we delve deep into the School Unrest crisis, where we dissect the issues and find out the true causes of the recent school strikes. We talk to all the stakeholders including teachers, paroes, celebs and even ma-pastor! We truly believe that it is time we ended these unecessary school unrest, au sio?
For those of you with the fetish of layering your wall with your favourite idols (and I ain't talking 'bout the Buckwheat looking dude from Zim), you'll go bezerk to find out that this month we're featuring a mega-zega poster of Luda!
We also go one on one with Gospel group of the moment MOG and their take on the controversial topic of born again Christians dorning dreads...which brings us to our topic of the week:
Should people who are Born Again Christians rock dreadlocks? Holaaaaa...i'm out like a pickpocket on Tom Mboya Street....Zing!!

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