Friday, October 12, 2007

Smirnoff Events Jinxed?

Attending the Smirnoff Raev It Up party last Satoe, I couldn't help but wonder if all events hyped up by the liquor brand are jinxed. Why? Well, not because a couple of my boyz got 'nambe tisad' yaani, they were pigwad ngeta (that always happens at major gigs at Carni), but because even media dudes were getting beaten up and robbed! It's like everytime Smirnoff and Carni hook for a major gig - tragedy strikes! Am not going to discuss the events that transpired a couple of years back, but last Sato is an event I would soon like to forget.
My question is; kwani what cuts whenever Smirnoff throws a major bash at Carni? Is it a jinx or what? Hola at me people...

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nutcracker biatch said...

first off let me say, i'm lucky. i did not attend the Smirnoff raev It Up party coz all my pals who went have new phones now, no, no,no.. they were not given new phones, they lost ther phones. Journalist also lost thier cameras, WTF was going on there... smirnoff what is the problem, beta check yaself be4 ya rek yaself