Friday, July 13, 2007

Is Smirnoff Promoting Drink n’ Drive?

So with the launch of Smirnoff Ice’s Raev It Up promo last Friday, is the Vodka concoction promoting drink driving? Forgive this blogger for being invective but n***a pliz – the more Smirnoff Ice you drink, the higher your chances of winning a pimped out Subaru? That sounds like a Drink-Drive promotion to me. And to exacerbate the situation, the pimped cars being given out are no ordinary moto-garis, they are pimped out Subarus; 4WD road monsters famous for their sprightly acceleration and lightning speed! People, help me out here, quite honestly I’d like to win one of those pimped-out Subaru’s lakini let’s be real here an alcoholic beverage is the wrong product to be giving out a sports car in a volumes-driven promotion.
This, as you already know, is simply my opinion (and you know what they say about opinions…hata wewe uko na yako) – so I want you to give me yours. Have your say and comment about my thoughts…

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Anonymous said...

reminds me of the guys who had been on rev and drove into the bridge on Jogoo road... in a Subaru. The redefined the phrase Dead Drunk. EABL comments?