Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bamboo Drops 2nd Mixtape Album

Hip Hop ambassador Bamboo is on the grind in the states. The 2-time CHAT Awards winner is set to drop his second mixtape album, "Rumble in the Jungle" later on in the month. This is only 3 months after unleashing his first mixtape album "Mixtape Evidence" to an unsuspecting US audience. The first album contained the underground stunner "Damu Moja" which made underground cats in the US stand up and take notice of this Kenyan rhyme protege. It is not clear whether the album will be available in area code 254, but distributors Emerge Media Group (EMG), based in Cali, USA, say that they are working on a plan to have the album available on the net. Can't wait to have our hands on that one. Check out the promo video to Bamboo's next mixtape project, exclusively on The Insyder's official blogsite...CLICK HERE

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